Why the 'Sleep VIP' programme?

The Sleep VIP programme works with you to personallly help you get a good nights sleep.  

I can hear you asking how is it going to do this!

I have brought together years of proven techniques in the 'Sleep VIP' programme to ensure that you get a good nights sleep.

The Sleep VIP programme will include 6 1:1 Zoom or in person consultations where we will take a look at your sleeping enviroment and at you as a person.  We will devise a Sleep VIP programme to meet your needs.  What we will include:

1.  You will take us on Feng Shui virtual tour of your bedroom to see what needs to be changed.

2.  You will work with us so we can discover together what the reason is behind your negative sleep pattern. If needed will will help clear your anxiety and stress levels and clear any past, present and future blocks with our guided visualisation meditations.

3.  You will receive some Aromatherapy and Crystals in the post to aid your sleep.

4.  And the icing on the cake for you will be the ultimate sleep enhancing Gong Bath.

Reasons to use the 'Sleep VIP' programme!