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Do you suffer from Insomnia? Let us help you Sleep Better!

Why Join The SLEEP VIP Programme!


  • relationships


    We know how lack of sleep can affect your relationships, as you will become tired and irretable without your sleep.

  • health


    Lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on your health wellbeing.

  • program


    You may find yourself falling asleep at your desk if you do not get enough sleep. Can you afford to let this happen?

  • program


    You may find that you are not alert enough if you do not get enough sleep and that you lack concentration which can be detrimental especially when driving

  • program


    You might be tempted to eat more processed and sugary foods when you are overtired, which can lead to lack of sleep due to overindulging on the wrong kind of food. So you may find yourself in a bad sleeping cycle.

  • program


    A lot of people can experience extreme fatigue when they do not get enough sleep, especially if the insomnia is prolonged..

Don’t think, begin today!

We know how lack of sleep can affect your relationships, health and your ability to do your job and daily activities. We have empowered people for years and have brought all of that experience to the SLEEP-VIP programme. JOIN We are passionate about empowering a better quality of life for you with our Sleep-VIP programme as you are the VIP.

Your Seep VIP Programme

Lorraine Marie will be your personal assistant for your journey into a good nighst sleep!

Your Sleep VIP Journey Will Consist Of:

Bedroom Enviroment

We Will Analayse Your Bedroom Enviroment

There are certain factors in the bedroom that can have a detrimental effect on your sleeping patterns. During your Sleep VIP programme we will look at your bedroom enviroment and how we can improve it to help you sleep.


We Will Establish Why You Are Not Sleeping

There are many deeply emotional reasons why you may not be sleeping. Are you worrying about something in the past, present or future? Are you grieving? We will look at all of the emotional reasons why you may not be sleeping.

Third hall

We Will Devize A Sleep VIP Programme Just For You

We will create your very own Sleep VIP Programme just for you. This will consist of suggestions on what to change, mindfulness technique classes, items in the post.

Fourth hall

We Will Implement The Sleep VIP Programme With You

You will work with your dedicated Sleep VIP Programme Manager, Lorraine Petty to ensure that we get you sleeping. You can do this at The New Body Barn in Devizes, Wiltshire or online.




What Causes Insomnia

There are very many factors that can cause sleep disorders and insomnia. These range form Anxiety, Stress, Grief, Past Truama and Future Instablility and Fear. The new fear that has feed everybodies anxiety if COVID-19. This has led to an increase in Insomnia and sleep disorders. We will work together with you to reduce your COVID-19:


COVID-19 Anxiety

Lorraine Marie

Put your trust in Lorraine Marie and let her use her various techniques to melt away your anxiety helping you get a good nights sleep .


COVID-19 Worry

Lorraine Marie

Constant worry about COVID-19 can have a detrimental effect on your sleeping pattern. Let Lorraine Marie help you by teaching you how to be more in the moment.


COVID-19 Fear

Lorraine Marie

Fear is a very primitive reaction to threats in our life and COVID-19 has definatly been a threat to all of our wellbeing. We will help you overcome your fear on the Sleep-VIP programme.