Online Session 1

We will delve into your sleeping enviroment and look into how we change it to help you get a better nights sleep.  We will also discuss Aromatherapy and how it can be used to help you sleep.

Online Session 2

We will delve look into past trauma that may be effecting the way you sleep and clear these blocks.  We will look your present anxietyand in the future and any fear you may have about the fuute and clear this.

Online Session 4

We will look at all of the questions and answers that have arisen during our previous weeks and address them we will then enjoy a Crystal Harp Relaxation Session.

Online Session 3

We will look into techniques such Qi Gong, Posture and

some simple tapping excercises to help you sleep.

Online Session 5

Wrap it up. Access to Facebook support group and then we will wrap it all up with a Gong Bath.